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Born in Denpasar, September 16, 1961

Baktiasa is a man born in Denpasar, September 16, 1961. He graduated from (S.1) Faculty of Law, Warmadewa University Denpasar in 1997, followed by Postgraduate education (S.2) Master of Law Science, Department of Criminal Justice System, Udayana University in 2009. Baktiasa’s elementary, junior high, and high school years were spent in her hometown of Denpasar.

Baktiasa, has attended training Certified Mediator organized by Jimly School of Law and Government Surabaya, Certificate Number: MED12/JSLG-SBY/190919-011 and Certified Conciliator MeditorAlumni of Legal Yustitia Mediator Integration Services Professional Certification Institute (LSP Jimly), C.M.C. Certificate No. 69109.3411.0.0000217.2022, following Education Legal Auditor organized by the Indonesian Legal Auditor Association (ASAHI) and Jimly School of Law and Government (JSLG) Surabaya, CLA Certificate No.741102511.0001627 2019, and attended Liquidator Education organized by the Indonesian Professional Liquidator Association (PPLI) Jakarta, CLI Certificate – 009-00025.

Baktiasa, had attended the Police NCO School (Seba Polri I) at Dodiklat 011-1 Singaraja – Bali in 1982/1983 and also attended the Police Officer School (Sepa Polri Reg.XXIV) at Secapa Polri Sukabumi, West Java in 1996/1997, with the last rank of Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP) in 2019.

Baktiasa, in his assignment at the Police, had served at the TTU Kodak XI/Nusa Tenggara – Kefamenanu NTT Police (1983-1990), Oditurat Militer III-14 Denpasar (1991-1996), Pama Disprov Mabes Polri – Jakarta (1997), Pama Badan Pembinaan Hukum ABRI (BABINKUM ABRI) – Jakarta in 1997-2000, and Polda Bali – Denpasar (2000-2019), where assignments included Kasubsi Nasbankum Bidkum, Kepala Unit Penyidikan Provost Bidpropam, Perwira Unit Tipiter Sat IV dan Kepala Unit Perbankan Sat II Ditreskrimum, Pok Advokat Bidkum, dan Parik/Auditor Itwasda).

Courses attended Baktiasa, among others: Military Correctional Officer Course (Susbamasmil) at the Directorate of Army Law – Grogol, West Jakarta (1992), Illegal Logging, at the National Police Headquarters – Jakarta (2008), Banking Crimes (Tipibank) and Money Laundering (TPPU), at Police Headquarters – Jakarta (2010), Senior Management and Investigation Course(SMIC), at the Police Academy (Akpol) – Semarang (2010), Elementary Level Auditor (2015), Investigative Auditor (2015), JFA Certification (Establishment Expert Auditor) (2015), and Goods and Services Procurement Auditor (2016), at BPKP – Bogor, West Java.

Furthermore, in order to develop his knowledge and experience of law outside of formal education, Baktiasa also actively participates in a number of activities such as the Training of Candidates for Environmental Supervisors for the Province of Bali, at the PKKTK Bali Denpasar Center (2009). Workshop on Handling Illegal Immigrants in Indonesia, at the INNA Sindu Beach Hotel, Denpasar (2009). National Seminar and Workshop on the Formulation of a Strategy to Prevent the Return of the Turtle Trade “Plague” in Bali, at the Nikki Bali Hotel, (2009). National Seminar and Workshop on Handling Alleged Banking Crimes and Implementation of the Banking Mediation Function by Bank Indonesia, at the Hotel Kuta Paradiso Badung (2010). Participate in Implementatioan of Supreme Court’s Regulatioan (PerMA) No 13 of 2016 to Strengthen Integrity in the Private Sector” Conducted By KPK and USAID CEGAH at The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, 15 th November 2017, and has followed Advocate Special Education organized by the Indonesian Advocaten Association (PAI) and collaborate with Islamic Religious High School (STAI) Sabili in 2019.

In the organization Baktiasa serves as Chairman of the Bali Indonesian Advocat Nation (ABI) Regional Leadership Council for the 2021-2026 period, based on the Decree of the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Advocat Nation Central Leadership Council (ABI) Number: SK-01/DPP-ABI/III/2021, March 01, 2021

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I Made Miasa, SH.


Born in Tabanan, 02 April 1962

After attending police education, he was assigned to an island that is currently highly idolized, namely Sumba Island, which is famous for its horses and traditional Ikat fabrics.

After being appointed to participate in Education as an Instructor in Sukabumi, Made Miasa was transferred to the Police Education Institute at the Kupang State Police School { SPN Kupang}.

After this task he served for 4 years then he was transferred to the Buleleng Police, 3 years served at Bumi Panji Sakti Singaraja, transferred again to the Badung Police, only 8 months in Badung, transferred to the Ngurah Rai Airport Police Area (which is currently the Airport Police Area, 14 years in the Airport Area Police, transferred to the Kuta Police as chief Buser.

Received a special assignment outside the Polri unit, namely at the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency for + 5 years, and retired in 2020.

Participated in PKPA (Advocate Profession Special Education held by Peradi in collaboration with Undiknas Denpasar,
After graduating from UPA, then taking the oath at the Indonesian Nation Advocate (ABI)

I Made Miasa, SH. Committed to protecting the best interests of its clients. Work with dedication, understand client cases well, provide appropriate legal advice, and carry out legal tasks with integrity.


Robinson, SH.


Born in Pontianak, 10 November 1980

Robinson is a dedicated and talented professional, certified Counselor, Recovery Coach, Lawyer and Legal Counsel, with extensive experience providing support and guidance. Throughout his career, he has worked in various organizations in Jakarta, Java, Bali and Kalimantan, honing his skills and becoming highly experienced in his field.

Since 2013, Robinson has been actively involved in helping individuals dealing with legal issues related to drug use cases both through litigation and non-litigation processes, individuals struggling with drug abuse, alcoholism, and mental health disorders. From 2018 to 2021, he held managerial roles in two community-based rehabilitation centers located in Bali and Central Java, where he played a key role in their operations. Robinson’s commitment to professional and academic development ensures he stays up-to-date with the latest methods and strategies in dealing with addiction, alcoholism and mental health.

With his multidimensional qualifications, Robinson is a very valuable asset in his field. She provides comprehensive and holistic support to individuals on their journey to recovery, combining her counseling skills with her knowledge as a Lawyer and Legal Counsel to address complex legal challenges. Through his unwavering dedication, Robinson dedicates his knowledge and abilities in helping individuals with substance and alcohol abuse problems who are in trouble with the law to get their right to justice in accordance with the Applicable Laws in Indonesia.

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I Made Dwikka Surya Pratama, S.H


Born in Denpasar, October 29, 1995

Dwikka, is a graduate of the Udayana University law school in Denpasar in 2020, and is currently continuing his Masters in the Master of Law program, concentration in Business Law at the Faculty of Law, Udayana University in the 2022-2024 academic year.

Since 2019, Dwikka has been actively involved in legal activities in the judicial process as an intern who is directly mentored by Mr. I Wayan Baktiasa, S.H, M.H., CLA., CLI., C.M.C. (Advocate and Chairman of DPD ABI Bali). Following the Advocate Education in 2020 carried out by Peradi, then continued the Advocate Exam and Oath held by the ABI Organization at the Denpasar High Court. Dwikka has been an active advocate since 2021 and has experience and training in the court process.

With his dedication and qualifications, he is ready to provide full and comprehensive support for every individual, group, and legal entity seeking justice in every legal matter. With his experience and knowledge, plus a team of highly trained and solid lawyers, will always be ready to provide the best handling and security in helping and finding solutions to complex legal problems for the wider community.


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