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Our flagship lawyers at Lawyers Bali are experts in their respective fields of law and always strive to provide professional, dedicated and high quality service to our clients. With a wide range of scientific backgrounds and rich experience, we are ready to help you resolve your legal issues with expertise and in-depth understanding.

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Lawyers Bali Legal Services
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At Lawyers Bali, we provide a wide range of professional legal services to assist our clients in resolving various legal issues.


Company Law, known as Business Law or Commercial Law, is a branch of law that regulates legal relationships relating to companies, business organizations, and economic activities. The main objective of Company Law is to create a legal framework that governs the formation, operation and dissolution of companies, and protects the interests of the various parties involved in the business environment.


Civil Law, or Civil Law, is a branch of law that governs legal relationships between private individuals or entities. The main focus of Civil Law is to regulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities between individuals or private parties, which can be individuals, companies, non-governmental organizations, and so on. Civil Law is different from Criminal Law which regulates criminal acts, and Administrative Law which regulates the legal relationship between the government and its citizens.


Criminal Law is a branch of law that regulates crimes or criminal behavior that violates the law and determines the sanctions or punishments given to the perpetrators of crimes. The main objectives of Criminal Law are to prevent crime, punish criminals, and provide justice to victims or communities affected by criminal acts.


Special Criminal Law is a part of Criminal Law that regulates certain types of crimes or certain categories of offenders. In contrast to General Criminal Law which applies generally to various types of crimes, Special Criminal Law focuses on regulations and laws that are specifically aimed at certain crimes or certain groups of offenders.


Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali Law Firm Specialized Criminal Law Services Cover:

Narcotics Law

Regulates the production, distribution, and abuse of narcotics and determines sanctions or penalties for offenses related to illegal drugs.

Environmental Law

Regulates crimes related to the environment, such as environmental pollution, illegal logging, or hazardous waste disposal.

Financial Law

Regulates financial crimes, including acts of financial fraud, money laundering, or misappropriation of company funds.

Corruption Law

Regulates the crime of corruption committed by government officials or private parties who abuse their power or position for personal gain.

International Criminal Law

Regulates international crimes involving violations of international law, such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide.

Child Law

Regulates crimes committed by minors and the special sanctions that apply to them.

Special Criminal Law has more specific and detailed regulations regarding the types of crimes regulated, as well as providing sanctions or penalties in accordance with the level of crime committed.


Legal Due Diligence is a service of Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali that provides independent evaluation and examination of legal and tax issues related to a company, organization, or individual. The purpose of this service is to ensure that the entity operates in accordance with applicable legal regulations and complies with various regulations that apply in certain legal scopes.


A business consultant from Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the table, guiding clients through a myriad of challenges and opportunities in the dynamic business landscape in Bali. Our role involves conducting thorough assessments of clients’ operations, identifying areas for improvement, and devising tailored strategies to optimize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Drawing on their extensive knowledge of industry best practices and emerging trends, they offer actionable recommendations and practical solutions to address specific business needs and objectives. From market analysis to organizational restructuring, their consultancy services cover a broad spectrum, providing invaluable support to businesses seeking to thrive and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced environment. With a focus on fostering long-term success, business consultants at Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali establish trusted partnerships with clients, serving as strategic advisors and catalysts for growth every step of the way


For establishment foreign and domestic company, Our services encompass navigating the complex regulatory landscape surrounding foreign investment in Indonesia, including legal compliance, documentation, and liaison with relevant authorities. Likewise, we assist clients in fulfilling the requirements for foreign and domestic investment, ensuring seamless incorporation, compliance with local regulations, and providing comprehensive legal support throughout the process. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient establishment process for both types of investment entities, tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client.


Passport, Visa, KITAS, and KITAP Services involve document submission, inspection, administrative processing, and interaction with authorized government agencies. The Bali Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali Partners team of lawyers are specialists in immigration matters who can assist individuals or companies in processing these documents correctly and efficiently in accordance with the legal requirements applicable in the country of Indonesia.

Lawyers Bali

Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali for Passport, Visa, KITAS and KITAP Service Includes:

Passport (Paspor)

Passport is an official document issued by the government of a country to its citizens to facilitate international travel. Passport identifies its owner and gives permission to enter other countries. Passport services from Lawyers bali include application, processing and delivery of the passport to the applicant.

Visa (Visa)

A visa is an official permit granted by the government of a certain country to foreign nationals to enter and stay within a certain time limit. A visa is usually required if one wishes to enter a country that requires prior approval of arrival. Bali Lawyer Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali Partners' visa services include applying, processing, and issuing visas to foreign nationals.

KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)

KITAS is a limited stay permit card issued to foreign nationals who wish to stay temporarily in Indonesia. Lawyers Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali for Passport, Visa, KITAS and KITAP Service Includes: provides this service to grant a residence permit for a specific period and is usually related to reasons such as work, study, or investment. KITAS services include applying, processing, and issuing KITAS.

KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit Card)

KITAP is a permanent residence permit card issued to foreign nationals who wish to live permanently in Indonesia. This is granted after a foreign national has lived with a KITAS for a certain period of time and meets certain conditions. KITAP services from Lawyers Bali Law Firm Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali Partners include application, processing, and issuance of KITAP.

Lawyers Bali

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How the Bali Lawyers Team
Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali Law Firm Works

The Bali Lawyers team works as a group of lawyers and other legal support staff who work together to provide legal services to clients.

Collaborative Approach

Lawyers Bali's legal team operates with a collaborative approach, where team members discuss, share ideas and contribute to solving legal problems and finding the best solutions for clients.

Task Selection

Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali team of Bali lawyers allocate tasks and responsibilities to each team member based on their expertise and specialization.

Case Research and Preparation

Lawyers Bali's legal team conducts in-depth legal research to understand their clients' cases well. We will gather evidence, analyze the case, and prepare arguments to defend the client or seek the best resolution to the legal issue at hand.

Consultation with Clients

Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali Partners' team of Bali lawyers will regularly communicate with clients to provide updates on case progress and obtain any additional input or information needed to better understand the client's needs and interests.

Negotiation and Mediation

If possible, the Lawyers Bali legal team will try to reach an amicable settlement through negotiation or mediation before entering the litigation stage in court. This was done to save time and money, as well as to avoid a time-consuming trial process.

Trial Preparation

If no settlement can be reached, Law Firm Pro Justitia team of Bali lawyers will prepare the case for trial. We will present evidence, construct legal arguments, and ensure that all aspects of the case have been properly vetted before going into the courtroom.

Lead and Co-Lawyers

In larger or complex cases, Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali team of Bali lawyers has a lead lawyer who acts as the team leader and works closely with the associate lawyers to coordinate the work and make strategic decisions.

Routine Updates

Lawyers Bali's legal team will regularly hold internal meetings to provide updates on cases, share information, and ensure that the team stays on track to achieve client goals.


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Protecting the human rights of clients and ensuring that they are not victims of injustice or discrimination. Law Firm Pro Justitia Bali assists clients in understanding their rights and obligations, provides legal advice, and assists in resolving legal issues faced by clients.

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